sexta-feira, 23 de novembro de 2012

Latest Happy Sheep review, on AppsZoom
"The gameplay is really fun and challenging for entertaining app for your kids that sometimes you'll find hard to put down too." -- AppsZoom


  • Fun and cute
  • Actually challenging
  • Different levels every time
  • Too Simple
It's for kids, the point is to be too simple ;)

quinta-feira, 1 de novembro de 2012

Happy Sheep just got a new review on Mobile Apps Review:

"This is a fun little game which I would say is suitable for the whole family and people of all ages. Upon first try I was startled by the user friendliness of the game. The directions and instructions are very easy to use and follow as are the controls. The graphics are very simplistic but fun and quirky. The simplicity of the graphics does not take anything away from the game but only adds to the fun sense and feeling that this game has around it...." Read more

Download Happy Sheep on Google Play

sexta-feira, 26 de outubro de 2012

DemonBall is out

DemonBall has come to our realm to take all the lost souls to Hell, but he needs your help before time runs out and the vortex to hell closes up.

DemonBall is now released, download it now on Google Play or use this QRCode:

PlayAndroid Big Review on Happy Sheep

PlayAndroid new Bigger Review on Happy Sheep, like expected for a first game, a few good comments, a few constructive critics, a very helpfull review to make us see where to begin improvements, Rome wasnt built in one day, everything, especially a new game from newbies in the gaming biz, is a work in progress, thank you PlayAndroid Oh, and check out this guy talking in PlayAndroid's interview ;) Ricardo Vieira Interview ;)

terça-feira, 23 de outubro de 2012

PlayAndroid blog just released a small review about Happy Sheep :D "The independent developer Ricardo Vieira from Apps2Ppl just informed us about his first Android game and we are pleased to announce that the game “Happy Sheep” is now available in the Google Play Store..." you can read more here
QR Code for Happy Sheep, it's easy to use, no excuse to not download it now :)

sexta-feira, 19 de outubro de 2012

Happy Sheep

Happy Sheep
We've just launched our first android game. Happy Sheep is a fun game with jumping sheep and it's different everytime! The sheep are running happy around the farm, and it's Bob the Dog job to put them back in the barn, he needs your help, can you put all the happy sheep in the barn before time runs out? All levels are created ramdomly, getting more difficult over time, so you won't get the same game twice, sometimes it's easier than others! Just download it here Happy Sheep

segunda-feira, 2 de abril de 2012


We joined facebook, now you can follow us there and check out all news about our apps.

Follow us here:

segunda-feira, 27 de fevereiro de 2012

Medical ID

Keep your and your family medical information in your android in case of an emergency, or just to keep track of your medical history.
In this version you can have multiple profiles, so you can keep track of your families vaccinations, allergies, medical records, medications, everything.
You can download it here

terça-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2012


For your wishes! Check it out!!

You can find it here:

If you have any suggestions or find any bugs please contact us in
Thank you!

quarta-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2012

Shopping List Manager

A useful and simple to use application where you can manage several shopping lists and manage how much you spend.
Easy to use to help you save money and spend exactly what you want on your shopping trips.

You can find it here:
Shopping List Manager

If you have any suggestions or find any bugs please contact us in
Thank you!

terça-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2012

Report All

Report All is a simple application where you can track all the shares you make, via E-mail, Facebook, Twitter or Instant Message. This app will let you control better what you are sharing, when, where and how.

You can find the free version here:
Report All Free

If you have any suggestions or find any bugs please contact us in
Thank you!

quinta-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2012

Event Planner

Event Planner is a simple application where you can manage the budget for every type of event you want to plan, you can use it to keep track of your own budget if you want, it's simple and easy to use.

You can download the full version here:
Event Planner Full
In the full version you will find:
-No Ad's!!
- Themes, you can choose a different theme for you Event Planner
- Multi-Language - current languages supported:
- and more to come... :)

You can find the free version here:
Event Planner Free

If you have any suggestions or find any bugs please contact us in
Thank you!